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Certified First

What is Certified First?

Certified First
Everyday, across the nation, thousands of motorists are involved in auto accidents. The question soon becomes, "Where's the best place to get my vehicle repaired properly and returned to me as quickly as possible?" For most, the auto body repair process is an unfamiliar one — one that occurs, on average, only once every seven years. And there's a lot at stake: In many households, a vehicle is among the largest assets owned— second only to the home. What's more, the family automobile often represents the only means of getting to work or school. With so much riding on the decision, it's no wonder that many people look to a qualified resource — a recommendation from a friend, family member or insurance agent — to help them make the right choice.Now, there's another great way to identify repair facilities with a reputation for taking good care of their customers: The CertifiedFirst Network. The CertifiedFirst Network is comprised of dealership and independently owned auto body repair centers that meet high standards for customer satisfaction, and offer impressive levels of quality, courtesy and professionalism. In short, CertifiedFirst is a name to be trusted in the auto body repair industry.

Not just any repair center can become CertifiedFirst®

To assure your utmost satisfaction, each participant must measure up to the program's high standards. Therefore, the CertifiedFirst designation can't be bought. It must be earned.

To participate in the CertifiedFirst Network, a repair center must first meet stringent requirements in the
following areas:
  • Have adequate facilities and equipment
  • Provide the full range of necessary auto body repair service
  • Utilize designated products
  • Offer a prescribed warranty on the workmanship and paint finish
  • Consistently achieve high levels of customer satisfaction


What Is I-CAR?

I-Car I-CAR, the Inter-Industry Conference On Auto Collision Repair, is an international not-for-profit organization dedicated to training the collision industry. I-CAR's "Outward Vision" is to be an industry resource, ally, and partner to all segments of the collision industry to help the industry reach the ultimate goal of providing complete and safe repairs to the consumer.

Who belongs to I-CAR? I-CAR is an inter-industry organization with strong representation from:

  • Collision repair businesses.
  • Insurance companies.
  • Domestic and import vehicle makers.
  • Tool, equipment, and supply manufacturers.
  • Providers of technical education, training, and research.
  • Suppliers of related industry services, such as independent appraisers, technical

Who benefits... and how?
I-CAR reaches a broad base of students who learn the latest methods of efficient, high-quality repair. The benefits of I-CAR Training extend beyond the people who take our classes:

The Insurance Industry
– Insurance personnel, from executives to claims personnel and estimators, benefit by understanding the latest collision repair technology. I-CAR courses provide insurance personnel with the foundation they need to better understand, communicate with, and work with the collision repair industry. These benefits lead to the most consistent, efficient, and high-quality collision repairs.

The Consumer – The ultimate beneficiary is the consumer who wants a collision-damaged vehicle properly repaired in the quickest and most skillful manner possible. An effective repair corrects all the damage, maintains long-term durability, keeps the vehicle running and handling properly, and restores appearance to pre-accident condition.